Sixth Volume Call for Submissions: Announcing the Yash and Jill Cottrell Ghai Writing Prize

Theme: Law Towards Better Africa

Legal scholars can seldom engineer social transformation where there are no forums to refine and host their ideas. The Strathmore Law Review prides itself as a consistent platform where legal scholars have been able to express these ideas. It is in this spirit that the Strathmore Law Review (SLR) welcomes submissions for its Sixth Volume to be published in the 2020 - 2021 academic year under the theme 'Law towards a better Africa’. 

For the first time, the SLR will also award the Yash and Jill Cottrell Ghai Writing Prize. This award carries a cash prize of 70,000 Kenya Shillings.  The winning article will be selected by joint decision of the Strathmore Law Review board and a special committee. The prize will be awarded to the article that best captures the volume’s theme. 


Theme: Law towards a better Africa

Despite its many bounties, Africa still grapples with various challenges that handicap the continent such as corruption, environmental degradation, food insecurity, political instability, amongst others. Law can play a vital role in overcoming social problems and facilitating societal changes. 

To this end, the SLR invites articles focusing on the broad range of issues and areas affecting Africa including but not limited to, law and social change, legal history, commercial law, housing law, labour law, intellectual property law, constitutional law, gender and the law, law and decolonisation, and law and  globalisation. 


The Yash and Jill Cottrell Ghai Writing Prize writing prize to the article that best captures this volume’s theme. The call for submissions will close on the Midnight of Saturday 22nd August 2020. Submissions should be emailed to


The Yash and Jill Cottrell Ghai Writing Prize: Rules

  1. The Prize will carry a cash reward of 700 USD.
  2. All articles submitted for publication will automatically be considered for the Prize. An article is a comprehensive analysis of a topic related to the theme of the journal. To qualify as an article, a submission must be between 7,000 and 10,000 words (including footnotes). More guidelines on the requirements of an article can be found in the Strathmore Law Review Editorial Policy and Style Guide.
  3. The Prize-winning article will be selected through a joint decision of the Strathmore Law Review board and a special selection committee comprised of seasoned scholars.
  4. Where a winning article is co-authored, the prize money will be divided equally amongst the authors.
  5. If on careful assessment the Strathmore Law Review board and special selection committee find that no article meets the quality necessary to win the prize, they reserve the right to withhold the Prize.
  6. The notification of the winning article and author will be sent via email in February 2021. A public announcement will also be made on social media and Strathmore Law Reviewaffiliated platforms.
  7. By submitting an article, an author waives the right to institute any legal action in connection to the Prize.

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