Strathmore Law Journal

Volume 2, Number 1, August 2016

Strathmore Law Journal is a peer reviewed journal that publishes scholarly contributions on topical aspects of African law and the law in Africa. Strathmore Law Journal aims at encouraging excellence on research and scholarship on legal issues affecting the African continent. 

The online edition is available on open access. Strathmore Law Journal is published annually in the month of June.

Luis Franceschi
Islam and terrorism: The blurred boundary between the cosmic and this world
Ochieng L Ahaya
A critique of the international legal regime applicable to terrorism
Nabil Mokaya Orina
Regulating terrorism before the act of terror: A comparative study
Frederick B Fedynyshyn
The way forward on counter-terrorism: Global perspectives
Alex P Schmid
Derivative action under the Companies Act 2015: New jurisprudence or mere codification of common law principles?
Yohana Gadaffi and Miriam Tatu
Implementation of political participation standards for persons with intellectual disabilities in Kenya
Lucianna Thuo
Chinese foreign direct investment and human rights in Kenya: A mutually-affirming relationship?
Rosemary Mwanza
Chronicles of the Doha Wars: The battle of Nairobi – Appraisal of the Tenth WTO Ministerial
Mihir Kanade
The ‘great escape’: In pursuit of President Al Bashir in South Africa
Jerusha Asin
The sexual minority rights conundrum in Africa: Contextualising the debate following the Coalition of African Lesbians’ application for observer status before the African Commission
J Osogo Ambani
Selected recent institutional and rulemaking developments in the law of the sea (2015-2016)
Humphrey Sipalla
Book Review: Cyber-attacks and the exploitable imperfections of international law
Review by Ivan Sang
Book Review: Constitutional law of Kenya on devolution
Reviewed by Tom Kabau
Book Review: Kenya-South Africa dialogue on devolution
Reviewed by Teddy Musiga

This journal is the most recent issue.

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