Strathmore Law Journal

Volume 4, Number 1, May 2020

Strathmore Law Journal (SLJ) is the principal scholarly publication of Strathmore University Law School, Nairobi. The SLJ is a peer reviewed journal that publishes scholarly contributions on topical aspects of African law and the law in Africa.


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We generally accept submissions until 31 December of every year. As a generalist journal, we consider all sub-disciplines of law, with an emphasis on promoting legal scholarship relevant to Africa.

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Humphrey Sipalla
Commonification of food as an approach for the achievement of food security and the realisation of the right to food for all
Nicholas Wasonga Orago
Unpacking the African backlash to the International Criminal Court (ICC): The case of Uganda and Kenya
Joe Oloka-Onyango
Copyright in digital television broadcasting in Kenya: An analysis of the Royal Media Services case
Cynthia Amutete
Enhanced rights for detained persons: Application of the remedy of habeas corpus under the Cameroon Criminal Procedure Code
Ewang Sone Andrew
The sacrosanct? The challenge in holding the United Nations responsible for the failure to prevent genocide
Allan Mukuki
Regional mechanisms and intra-state conflicts: Implementing the African Union’s principle of non-indifference?
Migai Akech
A review of the Health Act 2017 using the availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality framework
Claire Adionyi
Speech: Developing jurisprudence or creating chaos? Reflections on the decisions of the Court of Appeal of Kenya on selected topical areas of law
Elisha Z Ongoya
Book Review
Brian Sang YK
Case Review: The death penalty under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Some reflections for African states
Zonke Majodina
Volume 2, Number 1, August 2016
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