Strathmore Law Review

Volume 1, Number 1, January 2016

The Strathmore Law Review is an annual peer-reviewed, student-edited academic law journal published by the Strathmore University Law School in conjunction with the Strathmore University Press. It considers submissions from undergraduate and masters students from any university, and is published each month of February. For more information or inquiry, please reach as at
Cecil Yongo and Imani Jaoko
Luis Franceschi
Implementation Remains the Achilles Heel of the African Union - A Study of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)
Imani Jaoko
Transitional Justice as a Path to Distributive Justice - A Jurisprudential and Legal Case for Land Restitution in Kenya
Claude Kamau
The Wretched African Traditionalists in Kenya: The challenges and Prospects of Customary Law in the New Constitutional Era
Claude Kamau
Public Pressure, Temptation of Power and Unconstitutional Actions in the War Against Terrorism in Kenya - Suggesting a Link
Cecil Yongo
The Justiciability of the Right to Development in Ghana - A Mirage or Possibility
Asare Larbi Paa Kwame
Analysing the Future of International Criminal Justice in Africa - A Focus on the ICC
Emily Wakesho Ngolo
Fragmentation in a Bid to Defragment - Decentralisation as a Solution to the Challenge of Inclusion in the Kenyan Context
Melissa Mungai
Application of African Customary Law - Tracing its Degradation and Analysing the Challenges it Confronts
Lisa Owino
The Legitimacy of Indigenous Intellectual Property Rights' Claims
Wanjiku Karanja
Terrorism as a Form of Imperialism - A Case for the Rue of Law
Brian Kimari
A Perspective on the Doctrine of Separation of Powers Based on the Response to Courrt Orders in Kenya
Emmanuel Kibet and Kimberly Wangeci

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