Strathmore Law Review

Volume 3, Number 1, June 2018

The Strathmore Law Review is an annual peer-reviewed, student-edited academic law journal published by the Strathmore University Law School in conjunction with the Strathmore University Press. It considers submissions from undergraduate and masters students from any university, and is published each month of February. For more information or inquiry, please reach as at
Melissa Mungai
Luis Franceschi

The East African Court of Justice and Human Rights Jurisdiction: Drawing the Line

Liza Chula

Ignorance of the Law is no Defence: Street Law as a Means to Reconcile this Maxim with the Rule of Law

Arnold Nciko

A Game of Code: Challenges of Cyberspace as a Domain of Warfare

Christopher Nyabuto


Building an African Academic Law Journal: Some Reflections

Cecil Yongo

The Problem of Sports Betting in Kenya: Striking a balance between Private Profit and Public Good

Victoria Nyawira


The Contested Empowerment of Kenya's Judiciary

Maxwell Miwaya

When Courts do Politics: Public Interest Law and Litigation in East Africa

Melissa Mungai

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