Strathmore Law Review

Volume 4, Number 1, June 2019

The Strathmore Law Review is an annual peer-reviewed, student-edited academic law journal published by the Strathmore University Law School in conjunction with the Strathmore University Press. It considers submissions from undergraduate and masters students from any university, and is published each month of February. For more information or inquiry, please reach as at
AnnBeatrice Njarara (Editor-in-Chief) and Jentrix Wanyama (Managing Editor)
Luis Franceschi

Till Death Do Us Part: The Ailment Affecting the Widow’s Life Interest in Kenyan Intestate Succession

Khalil Badbess

The Right to be Wrong: Examining the (Im) possibilities of Regulating Fake News while Preserving the Freedom of Expression in Kenya

Abdulmalik Sugow

The Problematic Jurisprudence on the Law of Defilement of Adolescents in Kenya

Henry Okwatch

Reconceptualising the Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment in Kenya: The Need to Move from an Anthropocentric View to a Bicentric View

Timonah Chore

Cognition and Volition Impairment in Criminal Conduct: A Look into the Application of the M’Naghten Test in Kenya

Muoki Ndunge

Taxing a Digital Economy: Exploring Intangible Assets to Broaden Revenue Base in Kenya

Justice Gatuyu

Structural Interdicts for Socio-economic Rights: What the Kenyan Jurisprudence Has Missed

Strathmore Law Clinic (SLC)

Is Agriculture a National or County Governments’ Policy Function in Kenya? Interrogating Section 4 of the AFA Act together with the Fourth Schedule and Article 191 of the Constitution

Mdathir Timamy

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